Sunday, October 05, 2008

CCBFH Kidz Encounter

the EGR (Encounter God Retreat) last 2004 helped me improve the WORSHIP aspect of my life.. it has a been a big help and i'm still wishing that people who mean a lot to me would attend it...

nways, the Lord allowed me to be part of the staff for the first Kidz Encounter (EGR for kids) of Christ's Church in BF Homes.

Lessons were exactly the same in content but were presented thru skits and demos to get thru the kids. loved it! got to play small parts in short skits..

Those who went thru the EGR will understand how important "THE CROSS" is. this part reminds you of what Jesus did for you.. this part makes you realize that the Lord has suffered so much to pay for our sins.. for the Kidz Encounter, we did a skit of "The Cross".. though i was one of the actors, i couldnt help but cry when the kids started crying.. i know the Lord touched their hearts for them to realize and comprehend the gift of salvation.

Our team worked with Pastor Dhenz and 5 of his G12 members..we are so blessed to have them conduct the enounter..

I pray that more children will get to expereince this.. To God be the glory!


PTR. DHENZ, FLOYD (on top), ULY (no face), CLYDE, ROBBIE, and XIAO

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