Wednesday, January 21, 2009

dating myself

here are some shots i tried to secretly take while enjoying some "me" time..

i've been learning to eat alone lately...

i used to really dislike the thought of eating alone since i felt so self conscious. but then lately i find myself in the mall lagi.. errr.. retail therapy ever. i prefer shopping alone (with no one to wait for me or no one i have to wait for...) and i get really tired and hungry after. since it's about an hour going home, i usually eat before i leave

i learned that eating alone is not so bad... you get a lot of me time.. eheheh.. but then i remember rachel (j. aniston from friends) being dumped by some guy since he saw her eating alone and felt that was weird. eh? may ganun ba talga lalaki?


naomi said...

ay ang tagal na ng post na to. but i will comment anyway...know what, i actually love dating myself! it's true, you don't have to wait for anyone or have anyone wait for you. you also don't have anyone to blame when you spend too much. hahaha

dessa girl said...

hey naomi.. i agree.. till the next date with ourselves.. heheh God bless you dear...

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