Saturday, January 24, 2009

cooking 101 by dessagirl

ok.. since Christmas break was real long... had lots of time to do a dvd marathon of F.R.I.E.N.D.S., eat, sleep.. and yes, try to cook

since i do not know how to cook (at all) i decided to look for whatever we have in our kitchen to make me some pasta..

here's what i came up with:


mushroom in a can


spam lite

saute onion and garlic

and throw everything else with tomato sauce

mix it with your noodles and.. tada!

a dish no one literally ate! ~ except for me of course...

i think i did well. it tasted good but with a bit of weirdness in it.. i think it's the mushroom.. too much.. i placed the whole can into the sauce.. ehehehhe.. congratulations dessa girl!


watson said...

Mwehehehe! Ako rin paminsan-minsan nagluluto dito... Ok naman sa ingredients ah!

Napangiti ako sa comment mo sa blog ko about the park. I imagined you walking with us, and then I remembered your affinity with nature. hehe

Aileen said...

i love spam!!!! :D

dessa girl said...

watson: malay mo naman.. i could walk a little.. mwerehehehe

fearless: really??? SPAM rocks! that's my emergency food.. hindi pwedeng wala niyan sa bahay..

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