Saturday, April 11, 2009

Impactong Tooth ~ Part 2

This time, the operation lasted for only 40 mins. the one i had last year was for 2 hours!!!!!!

My tooth this year had an unusual shape though. you know how the normal tooth is shaped like, right?

well, mine had its root shaped like a hook! sort of like a letter "J"... and to make the process even more difficult, they discovered that part of the hidden tooth was wrapped with a solid bone!!! my dentist had to drill it and chop it off (oh yeah!) my tooth was similar to this one.. only it's more J-shaped:

the anesthesia (spell check pls) used was super effective. i was only injected twice! (last year they had to give it to me 4x) my stitches were longer though.. all the way to the side of my mouth!

this experience is a very good reason for me to eat all the ice cream i can get! had my parents bring this home from hawaii last week: BEN and JERRY'S rocks!

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watson said...

you are brave girl! you deserve best ice cream!

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