Monday, March 23, 2009

Yogoo a la Mode: make your own yogurt!

my nieces brought us to a yogurt store where you can have it any way you like it! at $.35 an ounce, you get all the yogurt you want fat-free!!

i dont like yogurt that much but this is really good. the strawberry kiwi tasted good!

i guess this is where teenagers from their neighborhood like to hang: pinoy yang mga batang yan! akala mo eh 23 na! mga 18 palang yan.. mga musmos!

here's where the fattening stuff comes in: your toppings! i had chocolate chips, gummy bears, and fresh strawberries and kiwi in mine... (drooling again)

lizette, princess tita rona and tita dessa:

i really liked it so we had a second round with nico and amen:

they have this wall you can write on.. and erase after.. people write weird stuff on Vday, everyone asked if they can be his her valentine and left bogus numbers.. ngek

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watson said...

Ang dietttttt!!!!!

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