Saturday, June 04, 2005

Summer 2005

white beach
My late summer getaway: 'went back to Puerto Galera, White Beach after 2 years. I went on a 3-day trip a couple of weeks ago with my boo and church friends. It was such a relaxing trip coz we went there from monday to wednesday so the beach wasnt that crowded as compared to weekends. I think each one should always include going on vacation in their schedule. In the 3 days that i was away from work, it felt really good to recharge and be with great people. We were so happy to be there that we were out in the sun even at 12noon! Although the beach isn't that nice compared to bora (as those hus been dr say..) and i think this is definitely a lot cheaper than going all the way to see the polvoron sand of bora. i had loads of fun because of the people i was with. we stayed at this inn:Rooms are at PhP 1,500.00 for 4pax during weekdays. i think this is for at PhP 2,500.00 during weekends
Here are some of the stuff i did:
1. EAT! - one shouldn't go on a diet when on vacation. yummy kebabs are for PhP 90.00
mel's treat
2.have my hair done: corn rows are pretty popular there. this will range from PhP 130.00 to PhP 250.00 depending on the number of rows you have
corn rows
... so my sister, boo, and joy had theirs done too..
my boo and my sis
3.swim a lot!! even if i really don't know how..
4.go on a banana boat~~~~ which i think i won't be doing in 3 years. i fell 10 times and my body ached. they charge you for PhP 150.00/pax for 25 mins
5. go snorkeling. this is PhP 200.00/pax inc. of boat ride and gear
6.get a cute glitter tattoo. this is for PhP 150.00. if you get a bigger one, it's around 200
henna with glitter\ with kids who sold popsicles. this is only PhP 10.00 with ube, cheese, chocolate flavor.heehee
so it's not that bad. round trip costs around PhP 500.00 inclusive of bus ride and boat ride. nway, i even managed to get a tan even if i didn't intend to. BANANA BOAT brand sucks. coppertone25 though has always been reliable for me. another thing about going to beaches like puerto is that you can wear your 2-piece and look like ur pregnant and people wouldn't really care that much (except maybe for your friends who are so honest with me)..


naomi said...

whee! saya naman ng trip mo.;) hope you had a great summer.:D btw, can i link you up po on my own blog?

dessa girl said...

ey naomz. oo naman po. send me yer blog address so i can visit it. take care and God bless you!

naomi said...

tenkyu tenkyu!:D just click on my name dito.hehe...God bless you too!

naomi said...

oops, sorry, d lumabas. po. thanks!

cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

cute tattoo.

about friends being honest, they might be realistic in the assessment of your physique, but sometimes, as a friend of mine believes, if she's comfortable with her body, other people shouldn't be so uncomfortable with hers.

dessa girl said...

thanks for the support cherry. i beleive that too.but then often times, i dont feel good bout how i look.. i guess that's why people affirm that. uhuhuhuhuuu. kaya nga ok sa beach. most people don't really care.

master CHU said...

hindi ka sexy ma'am dessa kasi hindi confident sa sarili mo! (WOW SERIOUS!!!)

tignan mo ako, kahit ang taba ko...sinasabi ko parin sa sarili ko na macho ako at gwapo ako at napaka-lupit ng sexappeal ko!magkaiba ang confidence sa feeling! pero isang style ko narin yung pagpapatattoo para yung mga tao sa tattoo ko tumingin at hindi sa beer belly ko. kanya kanyang diskarte lang yan noh. parang yung na-experience ko sa galera...

GURL1: wow look at that dude. ang cute cute niya.

(tapos nagtanggal nako ng shirt in a macho way para magswimming haban hindi humihinga)

GURL2: wow may mga tattoo pa!!! bad boy na bad boy ang dating!!!!

kita mo na?! eh di hindi napansin chan ko!

dessa girl said...

haaaay, yaan mo masterchu. beginning today, i will have a new mantra: i am sexy! nasusuka pa ako kasi kaka-start ko lang. pero eventually, maniniwala na rin ako at ang mga tao sa paligid ko.

sana pala pinapermanent ko yung tutubi sa gilid ng aking kilikils..

Princess Em said...

I wish i have time for that coz I'm so swamped with my work ....mwaaahhhhhh

watson said...

Hi dessagirl! Sarap naman bakasyon mo! Wish I could have one too! Kaya lang got lots to do in the office!

dessa girl said...

princess em and watson: my experience is that your work will never be at a minimum level. you really have to insist on taking that vacation. WE ALL DESERVE IT 'NO! 'been workin so hard.. this can drive you insane so you should use your vl credits!!

master CHU said...

ma'am dessa! comment of protest ba 'tong huling sinabi mo?!!


dessa girl said...

masterchu. hindi ah. pinapayagan kaya ako ni bossing. actuallyyyyyy, (ahem, here we go again). pinayagan niya ako mag-coffee mamya sa singapore. tapos nagfile ako ng 1month vl kasi i'm going to switzerland next week. i'll bring you pasalu if you want. ok?

fisherpau said...

hmmm...ang sarap naman...ako rin gusto ko mag puerto, kaso di dami nangyari eh... hehehehe...

di bale...mag two-piece din ako :) totoo yan, the last time I was there (january... ) 2 piece ako, kahit laki ng tummy ko :P

ang sawap mag snorkeling noh! mahirap lang mag-dive dyan kasi madaming black-tip shark community sa mindoro... :O

dessa girl said...

fisherpau: marami palang shark dun! buti nalang hindi sila na-attract sa chan ko! mukha pa namn juicy at malaman! hehehe.

meron ngang girl dun super laki niya tapos naka-2 piece, getting a tan. she's really pretty kahit nasa heavy side sha. galing!

watson said...

gusto ko rin magpa-braid ng hair. pramis.

dessa girl said...

um.. watson.. pwede siguro kaya lang ang charge sayo ng mga manang na nagbrbraid ay 200 million dollars...

watson said...

pwede! todo na toooooo.... cash and credit card accepted!

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