Monday, June 20, 2005

Daddy ko

dad and i
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Happy Father's Day, dad!

My dad celebrated his birthday last saturday. It's ironic coz that's the same day i got him a memorial plan. (d ko sinadya yun ha) but he said it's the best gift he got for father's day and his bday. heehee..

I love my daddy so much! He's my friend, pastor, and carpoolmate (in other words, he drives for me!)

To my daddy-o! i love you!!! mwah! you and mom are the best!


Fleur-de-leis said...


naomi said...

belated happy bday and fathers' day to ptr pie. weehee!:D

dessa girl said...

fleur-de-leis: hi there.. those jap movies look real freaky

naomz: thanks, girl. God bless you!

Princess Em said...

good for u your dad is always beside you. mine passed away last 7/11/2003. i wrote a letter for's in my blog.

piece of advise, always show your love to your dad while he's still around. never get shy saying how much you love him.

dessa girl said...

princess em: cge, i will read your blog. thanks for the advice!

fisherpau said...

well... me and my dad are trying to patch things, going to my favorite hangout...seeing my shrink on thrusday night... hehehehehe

but i gave him a nice The Spa mud-pack massage certificate... he said wants to try to be covered with mud... I think thats the nearest thing to it... hehehehehe

dessa girl said...

ey fisherpau.. i'm sure you and your dad will get by just fine.. the mud spa thing is a good step. heeheee.. ur dad's funny

Princess Em said...

correct!!! do whatever you think your dad feels good while he's still around... mwaaahhhh miss ko na daddy ko....

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