Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Inventory Part 2, Etc.

I'm super loaded this week and will be even more swamped with work next week. Anyway, here are my thoughts lately: (i'll just try to squeeze everything into one entry):
THOUGHT NO. 1 I was listening to a Christian radio station last week and i heard from the news that Christians in China and Bangladesh are being persecuted and they don't have the freedom to worship the Lord anymore.. this made me realize how blessed i am to be able to go to Church or cell groups or any other religious gatherings without having to worry of going to jail. I hope all Christians would pray for our brothers and sisters who are suffering right now.. that their faith in the Lord remain especially at these times
THOUGHT NO. 2 I wonder how it would feel to be married and at the same time be a mom.. my friend, Lisa, is getting married this saturday and again..... i can't help but imagine how it would be for me... idealist kasi ako ko eh.. as much as possible, i wana be a full time mom someday. but then again, with today's economy, both parents usually have to work to be a good provider.
THOUGHT NO. 3 Last Saturday, we went back to our warehouse in Cavite to do some more inventory.. aysus, i ended up counting these!!!!!!!! ang ganda nga ng kamay ko eh.. very clean ang dating..color gray...
er.. so far, that's what i have in my mind right now. have to get back to work and avoid missing deadlines. God bless! I missed blogging


cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

What are those things? and you counted them by piece?!

dessa girl said...

those are c-clamps of different sizes and um, couplings and stuff. i really dunno! UNFORTUNATELY, we counted them per piece coz we sell them per piece. the real small ones were weighed. ayayayay, sobrang dami!!!

watson said...

hokaaaayyy... so that's what I missed in the last inventory chuvaness. Unfortunately I wasn't available that time. Yep, busy busy busy for all of us.

Princess Em said...

hi dessagirl, miss u na.. har har har hanggang ngayon ba nagiimbentaryo pa rin kayo?

master CHU said...

parang kamay ng bangkay yung nasa pic. nakakatakot. pero ako, walang kinakatakutan!!!!

dessa girl said...

watson: you were didnt miss much.. only the time when they forklifted joana almost to the cieling and she was screaming to bring her down

princess em: oo nga eh, i think we have one more session to go..

master chu: muka pa ngang malinis yan sa picture anu. kung nakita mo kamay namin live masnakakatakot yun? sigurado matatakot ka na!

Shing said...

Dessa, which church do you go to?

Try listening to

I edit their devotionals.

I'm commenting here but I'm really just inerested coz I read about you listening to a Christian Radio station. :)

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