Friday, November 04, 2005


our hand prints
A few Sundays ago, it was my turn again to be Teacher Dessa for Sunday School. Nways, We did some handprints.. it was fun since they took turns and didnt do it all at the same time...this is a lot neater. Nways, as usual, meron nanaman magagandang hirits. but my favorite is this one:

Teacher Dessagirl was standing next to this smart-mouth kid.. my butt was directly behind her face so when she turned:

Student: Teacher, parang lumalaki yung pwet niyo! (Siyempre she did not mean any harm (?) )

Teacher Dessa: Um, talga? Oo nga eh.. (Sobrang shocked ko ay hindi ko alam ang sasabhin ko!)

Student: Oo, ang laki eh!

Grabe na ituuuu! It's weird.. i am well aware that i gained 20 lbs even if i have been trying to lose weight for 2 years now.. but when this kid said it, parang sobrang ~OUCH! i guess i know kids really tell the truth.. =( sobrang depressed ko, maybe i'll just have some choklits in a while.. (i know, i know!) ito ang mga pictures nila. hulaan niyo nalang kung sino jan ang mabait na nagsabi nun. pero ganun paman, masaya pa rin ako most of the time pagkasama ko sila.. wehehehe! i like being a kid..
sunday school class ko


Aileen said...

naku, ano naman ngayon ang 20 lbs? gorgeous ka pa din! basta you KNOW you're gorgeous, GORGEOUS ever ka sister, no! besides it's always what's inside that REALLY REALLY counts.

dessa girl said...

thanks so much fearless.. the THING is, comments like that lead me into believing wala na ang kagandahan ko! mweheheh.. but then again.. i'm pretty sure i'm drop dead gorgeous pag yung inside ang tiningnan.

so.. the question is: EXTRA LARGE? or extra sexy? mwehehehe

watson said...

Ha talaga, nag-gain ka? I never notice... bwehehehe.

Ang lola babewolf, blogging mode ulit :-)

fisherpau said...

frankie...its Extra Sexy parin noh....


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