Friday, November 11, 2005

i am sick

i am sick. yun lang. sobrang sick since yesterday. SL ako yesterday but had to report to work today for an after-work meeting. wellll.. bale wala ang aking effort kasi i am going home na and 6pm palang. wala na akong strength to join the meeting... Thank God my boss was kind and cool enough to let me go. Thanks Ma'am Sue! sobrang thankful ako.. i might not even work tomorrow para i could rest for next Monday. uuuuugh!!! i am ms. runny nose girl with matching occassional cough and nasal voice... havnt been sick like this for 3 months.. i hate it!


watson said...

Relax dessagirl. Here, chocolates and chippy.

Princess Em said...

Hi dessagirl. You're sick??? why still work? go home and take a long rest to fully recover..

dessa girl said...

watson: asan na? kahapon ko pa inaantay ang choklits at chippy ko

princesa: oo nga eh. i still have cough and colds but i'm a lot better now and fit to work.. i think! mwehehe

cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

watson and dessa!

bad ang chocolates and chippy sa taong may cough and cold. bad, bad,

manuod ka na lang ng harry potter nonstop sa sinehan para malibang ka :)

dessa girl said...

hi cherry.. cge, i'll listen to someone who recently got out of the hospital.. heehee..

my HP tkts arnt until sunday pa =(

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