Thursday, January 27, 2005

Monkey's fault!

Monkey's fault!
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so THIS is what my bald spot looks like!

when i was about 2 or 3, my parents went to baguio for a youth camp and decided to bring me with them. unfortunately, there was this monkey in camp and everyone thought this monster was harmless. so my ninong ces took me to see it (i think he thought i'd be amused). we got too close and WHAM! the monkey scratched my head! my mom told me i was rushed to the hospital and the doctors did a nasty job with the stitches.

so now, when people who fix my hair see this, i tell them the story. it was only now that i thought of taking a picture of it (acutally, my sister did) so i can actually SEE what it looks like. my sister's bf said it looks like the logo of mitsubishi. i'd say i agree. sad thing is, it still hurts when someone touches it. weird!


fisherpau said...

hey dessa...april too has a bald spot...but it wasn't cause by a monkey unfortunately :) it was caused by a bubble gum that april sticked onto her head. Now she is damning herself every minute of the day :)

watson said...

Hi dessagirl. Look at it on the bright side. At least bald spot lang. Look at me. ehehehe. Link kita ha!

rysolag said...


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It's a site I'm trying to get off it's feet. This is a generic message but it is posted by a human not a program. You can change the colors at the bottom of the home page; there are 23 different colors. You can also change the header animations. See that little square?! Your entries are likely to get more comments becuase it is a community blogging site.

peace - please check it out.

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