Friday, September 29, 2006

26th last 26

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me! happy birthday! happy birthday, happy birthday to me!

so here is where i spent my week long celebration:

sarah and i both celebrated with the rest of the pack of wolves in MYLK (my little kitchen). you better check your bill though.. sometimes, they charge you for food not served! grrr!!! sarah! sayang yung 300 natin no! hehe.. it's been a while since we all got together.. (pic borrowed fr watson's post)

my family and i had dinner at ebun. it's really cheap here and they have yummy food! the waitress did a bad job though, taking our pic.. =( o well.. we ordered healthy food like chicharon bulaklak, crispy pata, binagoongan, beef adobo, and sinigang sa miso.. hehe.. dats why lalo ako nagiging sexy

and on my day itself, my boo and i had dinner at HEAVEN AND EGGS. always wanted to try it here.. it's good! (kahit mejo sunog yung steak ko) waiters are friendly. service is really fast, choices are good! noel was really happy with his big plate of nachos and i was overly happy with my minute steak with hashbrowns and mashed potato. diet kasi ako eh.. alam mo na.. ang hourglass figure.. baka ma deform (gag!) sobrang mura pa dito.. as in. noel woke me up at 12am to greet me and said: if you go outside, i can greet you in person. nagising ang lola mo bigla at kahit hindi pa nagmumumog, eh todo unlock ng gate! waaaaa! i have white roses (my favoritest) and PURPLE ones too! in 5 years, ngayon lang ako nabigyan ng REAL purple roses..then noel popd something in my face during dinner! IT'S THE RING I ALWAYS WANTED! waaaaa! he gave me an eternity ring for my bday! lalalalalalaa! happiness! he had to talk to my friend, gen (thanks talga sis) to arrange everything!!! waaaa! (fyi, i'm not engaged ok??!!! it's BDAY GIFT) so all in all, i had a great month. i was broke due all the eating and shopping during midnight madness.. but I HAVE THE RING!!!! yeeeeey! dessagirl = happy girl!


naomi said...

belated happy birthday!:) september ka rin pala, gorgeous girls are born during this time talaga eh. hehehehe...God bless! *hugz*

Aileen said...

Hey hey hey! Super duper belated happy birthday! :D Hindi ko alam at hindi ko na napansin. Kasi naman dito na lang sa trabaho umiikot ang mundo ko ngayon. Hay naku... hindi na nga ako nakapagupdate ng blog ever. Anyway mukha namang super happy ka nung birthday mo... WOOHOO!! Happiness!! (hehehe sabi mo nga...) God bless, sis!

dessa girl said...

naomi: super ganda talga! hehe.. thanks!

aileen: pansin ko nga na sobrang busy mo! super thanks sis! God bless you too.. ingat ka jan sa singapore...

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