Friday, September 01, 2006

Ocular Inspection

watson, fisherpau, and i went to the south for ocular inspection of venues for our business planning. we went to at least 5 different places starting from Lipa, Batangas to Tagaytay. i wasnt THAT tired kasi we ate and then once we get in the car, we sleep (sorry jerry! he was so kind to drive us around even if we couldn't help but fall asleep). panu, 6am palang, i was already in mcdo town center. o well..

here are some highlights of our trip:

the cheesecak from BAG OF BEANS in tagaytay. it's along the main road to your right, coming from the rotonda. my boss took me here early this year during our ocular, too. i ordered strawberry cheesecake and took home the cinamon raisin bread back then... and did the same thing when i brought watson and fisherpau there..

the sound of music altar of claudine barreto (spell check). we went to tagaytay highlands too.. this place is even more famous after the real nice wedding of claudine and raymart (showbizzzz) marami kaming nasagap na stuff about the wedding.. heheheee.. bagay ba??? truly!!!

the first diagonal elevator in the philippines. this is found in tagaytay highlands too, at the bellview hotel. parang escalator na elevator. check out the view. when you look over the balcony, this is what you see.. cool no?

the summit golf club. oooohhh! such a nice piece of construction! take a look! it's relatively new and caters mostly to koreans. they say the golf course is really nice here. mu-ang ko ba sa golf.

so there... watson has some posts regarding our eating adventures too.. click ober here ples.


cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

wow. ganda ng mga venues.

tsk. huwag kang sumama kay watson. panay kain lang un. :)

dessa girl said...

naku cherry berry.. you shall be surprised. ako pa ata ang nanghahawa kay watson..lagi kasi kami magkasama

but dont worry, even if i'm with nick lots of times, he can never get me to smoke.. kadiri.. hindi nga sha nagsmoke nung ocular eh. or hindi ko lang nakita.. hmm.. good influence din ako kahit papano

fisherpau said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
fisherpau said...

bistohin ko si sir nick...he didnt smoke during the trip, he smoked after...hehehehehe

watson said...

Cherry berry boo strikes againnnn!

cruise said...

wow ang ganda ng music altar! sarap magligawan dyan, hehe

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