Monday, September 25, 2006


I love watching romantic comedies... as in! here are some of my favorites.. HITCH, NEVER BEEN KISSED, and 50 FIRST DATES (MY FAVORITEST EVER)..

i guess i like being an idealist..(though there are a lot of things that changed this). i recommend these movies to watch with your man (if they resist, make them, girls!) and with your girlfriends.. super panalo! i never get tired watching them over and over and over.. although i'm sure everyone saw these already.. watch it again! kung hindi pa, saan planeta ka galing?

although i have to warn you, they have a tendency to make you depressed. kasi yung mga hunghang na lalaking ito ay sobra.. (esp. adam sandler at 50 first dates). if you know what i mean, you'll agree. so to all those who are still hoping that there is such a man.. cge lang.. let me know so i can pray for you.. hehe..





watson said...

Hanapan mo nga si Ate Gay!

Peborit movie ko like these...
Chances Are
Forever Young

lateralus said...


howdy. i read your post regarding the rose and grace situation somewhere and i know it was made in the spirit of good fun. Please check my detailed explanation to be enlightened on the watson blog.


benjamin espina
son of rose (just had to say that)

dessa girl said...

watson: may dadating din for ate gay. wait.. forever young? havnt seen dat i think.. you have cd's of these movies?

lateralus: thanks for the enlightening. how did you come across watson's post?

goldi said...

hahahaha! tawa ko sa comments mo dess about guys like the character of adam sandler in 50 first dates =D. very true! after ko nga din panoorin yun parang nafrustrate lang yata ako lalo dahil meron ba namng ganung lalaki?

kung meron, asan kaya sya no... =D

Iskoo said...

gustong gusto ko yang 50 firts date na yan, kahit paulit ulit natatwa at na to touch pa rin ako ;)

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