Friday, September 07, 2007

Community Service + Learnning about your Environment

last july, my colleagues and i had an activty for all the birthday celebrants of Feb, Mar, Apr. It was a morning spent with street children with games, a feeding program and a zoo tour! both kids and volunteers enjoyed the zoo trip! we learned a lot from the the NINOY AQUINO PARKS AND WILDLIFE.. i'm from the south so i dont really visit the qc area. this is my first time to see the zoo.. it's a rescue center for endagered species in the country.. aside from the educational tour, they even had a program where you can pet the turtle, snake, etc. mashado akong takot to do that.. maybe next time.. para naman may pic ako nun! hehe..
the kids enjoyed the games as well. was touched during the part when they were given a chance to say somethign to the volunteers: a teenage girl said: "pagnasa langsangan kami, pakiramdam namin walang nagmamahal sa amin. pero ngayon nandito kami, naramdaman namin ang pagmamahal mula sa inyo.. kahit may sarili kayong mga pamilya.. " kung hindi ka banaman maiyak nito ewan ko nalang!
here are some pictures i took.. the ones of the animals are not too clear though.. had a hard time taking shots of them insidet their cages.. =(

the volunteers in pink with the kids.. all learning from caretakers of the zoo..

cockatoo: you can be charged millions if you have one of these but without the legal papers.

iguana. tsk ang liit, hindi mashadong kita

philippine deer: kawawa naman.. na-flash ko.. sorry po..

er.. colorful brids by jansport? hehe

had a great time with the kids, volunteers, and zoo animals! thanks to our partner organization for this acitvity: HANDS ON MANILA


Anonymous said...

this is not relevant to ur post but ..what's ur cell fone number??? heehee sorry this is the only way i can think of to get a hold of u =)

watson said...

When put in the proper loving environment, you will see that these street children are really like us, looking for love and attention. yung mga nasa Don Bosco Pugad, mga magagalang.

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