Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Pang Pa-sexy

The following are the main reasons why i gained a few lbs. lately:

TOBLERONE CAKE ~ someone gave this to my boss and i had a slice.. it's a lot thicker than the average cake. the white stuff that looks like pancakes had a texture like merengue (spell check). i think the only reason they called it Toblerone cake is because it had toblerone candy on top! ish good.. i give it a 3 out of 5


COLOSSAL COOKIE ~ this is the latest. Gen introduced it to me when we ate at OLD SPAGHETTI house. this is a wonderful desert! kya lang when i ate with my cuzin/dentist, she said it's bad for your teeth. the sizzling plate made the choco chip cookie really warm with melted choklit.. and the vanilla icecream wit hchoco syrup was a real contrast.. again... wonderful ito!!! i give it a 4 out of 5

CLASSIC BANANA SPLIT ~ this is a nasty picture of it though.. this i had in front of our office.. fior gelato (sorry, i really suck in spelling.. it's supposed to be italian for icecream? ) 50 pesos lang ito! i chose fudgy, capucino, cookies and cream flavors for the icecream with mallows, semisweet chips, and syrup.... it's a 4 out of 5


CHOCOLATE-COVERED MALLOWS ~ actaully, these are part of the chocolate fountain.. heaven... i had around 4 or 5 of these and some gummy bears (one of my fave candies) i think the thing beside it is a kiwi tart.. nways.. sobrang sarap nito!!no need to explain. it's a 5 out of 5!

tsk... these are apart from my choklit bar and chichirya moments.. waaaaaaaaaaaaa! promise, i'll cut down already.. (errr) TIN'S wedding is coming up and i have shed off a lot.. my master plan: have my impacted teeth removed to totally stop me from eating during Christmas time...


watson said...

Diet! Dietttt!

reese said...


one of my personal favorites is the lava cake (Plato Platina). =)

i'm craving for sweets now.. hihihi!

Daniel said...

Dessa, kung hindi shopping, pagkain, a.=) hehehe.

And by the way, its "pam" pa-sexy. =) I-correct mo. hehe, biro lang.=)

dessa girl said...

watson: what diet? ehehe..

reese:d ko pa nasubukan yan ha..

daniel: oo nga eh.. parang puro pasarap ginagawa ko.. naisip ko rin yun eh.. dpat pampasexy.. o well..

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh! the classic banana split is on $1.25 (well kinda but close)! I wish I can buy a banana split here for that cheap. Your post just made me drool.

Darla said...

wow! ang sasarap nito! pampasexy? cge sabi mo eh! hehehe http://www.toblerone.com.ph

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