Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tree-Planting at Arroceros Forest park

joined a group of volunteers from our office to go tree-planting at Arroceros Forest park in Manila (their website is under repair i think..) was surprised to see a small patch of forrest in the middle of Manila! it was a rainy morning in Makati and QC last sat.. as in! but then the activity still pushed thru.. too bad i wasnt feeling well that day so all i did was take some pictures and looked after the stuff of my fellow volunteers in the shed while they do all the hard work.

we planted 20 seedlings all in all. some are nara trees, dao trees, etc. they were about 5 to 6 ft high and each seedling costs PhP 250. here is the patch of land assigned to us. full of weeds! the participants worked really fast and was able to clear the whole spot in an hour and plant the trees! take a look at the before and after shots:

nice! the trees with labels are the ones we planted. it's nice to know that people still care about the environment. i hope every single tree we planted will live over a hundred years!!! some trees in the park are that old.. if you are intersted for any volunteer work, contact our partner organization for our community projects: hands on manila

volunteers listen intently to the head of the WINNER FOUNDATION (in charge of arroceros forest park) as she gives us a brief background and history of the forest.


Jo-lo said...

Hi Ninang Dessagirl! Sabi nga po ng Daddy ko worthwhile yung activity na yun.

Nasa Baguio na po ako ulit. Pupuntahan namin yung doctor kasama reults ng tests ko dyan sa Manila. Mukhang mabababa ang blood readings ko pero we are still hoping na hindi gaano malala. Thank you po.

tweetyb said...

HI Dessa! I have been reading your blogs and it sounds so interesting, I could not comment because I am not signed up as a user :) Anyway, this sounds confusing maybe but I have a n online friend that looks like you and same blog as you are. That means if u r the same girl named "meow" then u know me quite well diba? because we have been chatting back & forth or sending IM for almost a year now??? BTW I am Tweety from California, US, it you meow?
are you the same person?

dessa girl said...

jo-lo: i hope you are well na... magpataba ka, ok? God bless

tweetyb: hi there... unfortunately.. it's a different dessa.. but super thanks for dropping by!

Daniel said...

TWEETYB: kasing-sexy ni dessa si catwoman, pero hindi siya si meow.

DESSA: ayus ba yun?!?:) apir naman jan...hehe

dessa girl said...

daniel: aba talga naman! apir! bakit ka nagpapalakas sakin ha?

si ida nakikiblogger na rin! hehe.. update mo rin sayo ng masmadalas ng maaliw naman kami! God bless you

Iskoo said...

wow thats nice, sana marami pang mga ganyang activities na mangyari sa kamaynilaan, kailangan natin na magtanim para maiwasan ang pollusyon or at least mabawasan... congratulations sa team ninyo, you've done a great done!

watson said...

Dessagirl = catwoman?

ariel said...

there is something that perplexes me...

why were you wearing white gloves?


dessa girl said...

hi iskoo! thanks po

watson: wag na pong kumontra

ariel: the gloves were provided by our parnter HANDS ON MANILA. the weeds were really hard to pull since they were around 4 to 5 feet hight. tapos may mga halaman na may thorns. everyone was really thankful for the gloves.. hehe.. thanks for dropping by!

dessa girl said...


ariel said...


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