Friday, October 19, 2007

Glorietta 2 Explosion

Thank God i was in Tagaytay yesterday for an ocular with my boss and the rest of my team. i received a text message from my tita that my cousin is trapped in Landmark after an explosion in Glorietta 2. i called up my cousin who was so scared to go out and see what was really happnening. Noel also called and asked if i was in the office. when i told him i was still planning to go back to makati fr tagaytay, he said to forget it coz traffic was bad and it was no longer safe.
After listening to the news thru AM radio and seeing footages from the evening news, i realized how blessed i am to be away from it all. 8 are now confirmed dead and over a hundred injured.. somone managed to sneak in a bomb at the mall again.
this reminded me of the past bombings that happned in a bus in edsa last valentine's day (2 years ago ata), the explosion that happened in glorietta as well back in 2000 or 2001..
some bloggers were in the site yesterday when it happened. seeing pictures of a place i ALWAYS visit all blown up makes me scared. cant help but think: "what if i was there? what if it happened last night before i went home from work?"
nway, so much for wondering. Please pray for all the injured, the families of the 8 who passed away, and our government.
heard some parts of Glorietta wll be open this morning since it's safe to the public. i hopethe terminal by park square 2 will also be back in operation...


maexdae said...

God knew Dessa..that's why there was traffic (so you can't go home) and that's why u were in Tagaytay. Thank God you're's your cousin?

tweetyb said...

That is really scary! My son was actually watching the morning news and when he heard MANILA he pulled me in front of the TV

dessa girl said...

mae: my cousin is ok.. when she saw the evening news though, she cried and got so scared. ccm holds it's worship service at glorietta 1 cinema. they panicked yesterday during the worship service since there was fire in some parts of the mall! grabe...

tweetyb: yeah.. it is. would you believe there was fire in the same mall yesterday?

dessa girl said...

10 are now confirmed dead =( (as of oct 21 (am)

watson said...

Grabe ano? To think na ang lapit ng Glorietta sa atin!

Makes me wonder how those people who do this were brought up. Wala ba silang pamilya?

dessa girl said...

hi sir nick. grabe talga. too sad that one of our friends was included in the blast. =( let's for a speedy recovery

tweetyb said...

too many disasters going on :( I live here at Orange County, california where the biggest fire ever is happening right now which statrted last Sunday...luckily it's still far from our house but the air is full of ashes and wind is blowing too hard and scattering flames everywhere. My friends evacuated their house and are now at our place...this is too scary!
read about it@

dessa girl said...

hi tweetyb, i hope you are ok already. the fire is really scary.. and it's all over the news.. hope none of your loved ones got hurt. i have relatives over south california too and thank God they are ok..

tweetyb said...

Thanks ha! I'm so thankful na nobody got hurt, family or friends :)

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