Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Nag-birthday na ako

a few days before my day, i celebrated it with my family since rona and mel had irregular schedules and they were only free back then. before dinner, noel and i went to FULLY BOOKED at the boni high street branch. they have 5 floors!!! can you believe??!
here is my family. we all had burgers that night at the very cramped brothers burger.. their branch in alabang is a lot nicer..

and on my birthday, i took the day off work (first time i did that) and it was well worth it. it was gloomy too.. but who cares? hehe..

and of course.. my biyutipul bokey:

happy birthday dessa girl!


dessa said...

belated happy birthday Dessa!! More posts to come!! God Bless! :)

watson said...

Bwehehehe Dessagirl akala ko you were commenting on your own post!

Belated Happy birthday Erika este Dessa! Tumakas ka nung birthday mo kaya di kita na-greet sa opis.

tweetyb said...

happy belated birthday dessa!!!

Aileen said...

nabati na kita ha. :-D kakapunta lang namin ni nats dyan sa fully booked na yan nung isang gabi. di pa ko nakapunta before. suffice it to say... HAPPY GIRL ako dun sa dami ng books. at sa konti ng tao. ;-p hehe antisocial. yun na ata ang may pinakamalaking collection ng history books na nakita ko sa pilipinas! for a moment, naconfuse ako dahil hindi ko alam ang uunahin.

dessa girl said...

dessa: thanks so much! God bless

watson: oo, nalito nga rin ako dun. pero ka aliw, may kakilala akong blogger na dessa

tweetyb: thanks! wats the link to your blog again? cant view it from your profile

aileen: oo nga, thanks ha.. nakakalula talga dun no! i can stay there the whole afternoon and i'll be fine.. kelan kaya ako makakabalik dun?

tweetyb said...

My Blog-http://tweety-byron.blogspot.com/ I just blog but my family & friends does not know about my blogging, not unless one of them accidentally sees it online which...I doubt tee hee hee OH WELL!

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