Thursday, October 25, 2007

Shoe story..

like most girls, I LOVE SHOES... take a look at some of my shoe stories:
1. when rainy season (which i totaly hate, btw) came, got myself a pair of prima crocs.. i initially wanted the gold or silver but there were no sizes for me. so when i came across the lavander ones in my size.. i got them right away!
2. saw these a few months ago on sale for like PhP 900++.. hellur? wala naman akong baby ano.. (wish ko lang) wanted to get all three pairs.. but for what? gagawin ko lang key chain tapos ganun ka-mahal? no thanks.. but i have to admit.. they are soooooooooooooooooooo cute! (to my future bebe: you will definitely get one of these...)
3. this i wanted to get too.. for me this time.. since they were on sale.. sad thing is, i did not have any cash back then.. when i came back to check if it was really meant for me, they were GONE! sniff-sniff.. i'll see you again.. why are goofy stuff so expensive?

4. one of my peborit nike's broke down.. was in the office saturday morning and my shoe felt weird.. when i lifted my foot, ayun..hehe.. buti nalang my officemate placed some rugby in between. (thanks eugene!) ... i still use them btw..


tweetyb said...

I love shoes too :)

Pinoy Pan de Sal said...

Ilang beses na akong pinahiya ng Nike kaya Adidas girl na ako!

Love the crocs :-)

dessa girl said...

tweetyb: who doesnt?

pinoypandesal: talga? naku..dpat pala adidas nalang ako.. thanks for dropping by!

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