Thursday, May 08, 2008

my new cell group

when you are in pain, the only sure way you can overcome it is thru prayers. the Lord will always reveal to you His ways even if it is beyond your comprehension.
i am thankful that the Lord gave me friends like jacky, tin, dyan, ash, karen and ruiza. they have been there for over a decade. our cell group started last April 28 and we pray that this will continue.. setting up this group has been so timely, especially for me.
when you have freinds whom you can turn to when you're going thru a lot, you know that the Lord is truly good.
to my bnb.. thanks for everything.. looking forward to our next sessions!

1 comment:

jackyv said...

luv u dess!! God is so great we have each other!! Praise God tlga!!=)

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