Friday, May 02, 2008

Bohol ~ explored!

Best summer getaway ever! you have to include Bohol in your vacation spot list. I'm proud to say that our country has the best beaches in the world! better than Hawaii! when you visit the Philippines, make sure you go to Bohol!

1. Visit the blood compact thingamajig. i never really pay much attention to the historical details (sorry) as long as i know its relevance, ayos na.

2. Visit the famour Baclayon Church~ one of the oldest and preserved in the country.. this chruch is centuries old and has a museum upstiars.. (bawal pics dun eh)

3. All day tours will include a lunch in one of the floating restaurants in the Loboc River. Buffet starts at 300 per head. the cruise takes off with lunch and runs for about an hour or more. you get to cruise along the river and have 2 stop overs where the locals (kids and senior citizens) perform in front of tourists on floating stages. nice!

4. No visit to Bohol will be complete without seeing the famous Chocolate Hills! i rememeber hearing the alamat for this one- they are poopsies of giants! weheheh.. nways, you get to climb 200 steps to reach the highest viewing deck. then official photgrapers would offer to take airshots of you by A CLIFF! scary! yung tipong pag nagkamali ka ng talon, mamatay ka

5. the philippine tarsier: what i know about these guys: smallest mammals? they are pretty gross.. their tails look like that of a rat's, their fingers... like the scariest animal in the whole wide world. cant even mention it here.. after taking a pic with the little guy, i realized how gross they were.. not cute at all. i freak out when they jump from tree to tree.. ewwwww!!!!

6. Osang's Broas - the best broas so far.. they live at the back of the Baclayon church. they use this old stove to bake their broas (thin and crunchy bread with sugar on top). too bad coz when we went to osang's house, they were not selling anything since their stocks ran out due to fiestas in 2 towns! they sold us their deformed broas and we begged them to sell us 2 small bagas and one large bag. the small bag was only 40 while the large bag was 60. when i went to this large souveneer shop, they were selling the small bag for 68 pesos.. nanay ko!

7. the hanging bridge - i went 1/3 of the way. it was too wobbly for me and i got scared. mwehhehehhe.. but for picture purposes again, tried to be brave!

7. our tour guide also brought us to a small butterfly farm (entrance was 20) owned by someone from new zealand. learned lots of interesteing stuff..saw a butterfly playing dead, butterflies mating, changing colors, etc. nice!

8. Balicasag Island - a marin sanctuary~ divers love it here.. you rent a boat going here and then you rent a small boat (100 per head) going to the snorkeling area. you can also rent flippers and snorkel stuff for for 100. our boat man was the cuzin of our life guard in bohol beach club. when we got to the island, there was this big family waiting for us.. they had a small resto where one of the ladies managed it, her sister in law sold us accessories na sobrang mahal! their brother in laws and siblings served as guides to the snorkeling area. the island only has electricity at night.. their inihaw na pusit, liempo, and parrot fish were to die for.

9. on the way to balicasag, you can request your boat man to bring you to the site to go dolphin watching. you can only do this at 6am but if it's overcast, they still come out at 10am. there were around 10 more boats that morning when we went out for dolphin watching.. this is really cool since you get to see them in the wild! they act pretty much like when they do a show

10. on the way to the Chocolate Hills, you will pass thru around 3 km of man-made forest. really nice mahogany trees

Thank you to MelRons for the beautiful pics..

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