Monday, May 12, 2008

Stuff I Learned About Butterflies

visited a butterfly farm in bohol and learned a lot from our guide, John. Trivia time!

1. Some Butterflies have a golden cocoon while others are just the usual plain brown ones:

2. When Butterflies come out of their cocoon, their wings are wet (like wet with ink) and they take time to let the liquid/fluid drip and dry out

3. One type of Butterfly "plays dead" when you catch them. they do that as their defense mechanism. so cute! take a look at this butterfly playing dead on my hand.. after a few seconds, it flies away again..

4. And the most fascinating of all!!!! Butterflies mate for a minimum of 8 hours!!!! they do this once in a lifetime ata kasi... nway, check out this pair! the one on top is the female.. she's the larger one. we tried shooing them away and when she flew to another spot, she carried the male with her. lupet!

5. the spikes on this green caterpillar are not harmful at all. they are soft and feels ticklish "daw". you can pet them our touch them if you want:

the butterfly farm is called "SIMPLY BUTTERFLIES" owned by a lady (who looks like britney spears) from new zealand

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watson said...

Oh wow ang ganda naman ng pasyal na ito! At ejukeyshonal pa!

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