Wednesday, March 11, 2009

John and Yoko

some complains about John and Yoko in Greenblet 5:

1. my friend, Jacky, went up to the receptionist and said she wanted a table for 4. the girl (who looks like nina) told her she has to be with her friends before they can offer her a table (what the heck?)

2. while that was going on, i was already inside, wating for her. the same receptionist was the one who gave me my table

3. everytime we "finished" one plate, someone would come out of no where and ask us if they can take it away already. so even when my friend wanted to eat some more, she just nodded. by the time they did that to our 3rd dish, the 3 of said NO strongly.. well, that's the time they stopped asking

4. when they gave us our change from our bill, it was kulang! the nerve!

i'm never going back there.. they have bad service.. staff is not friendly as well.. sayang.. their food was good pa naman...


Jo-lo said...

Ninang Dessagirl, sa McDonald's na lang tayo next time, may Playplace at Happy Meal pa!

dessa girl said...

hi jo-lo... oo nga! sarap pa ng fries! i miss you so much.. hope to see you soon... mwah!

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