Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Family Dinner

My family and i had dinner a week ago. This wasnt planned... we were on our way to alfonso, cavite so we stopped by mcdo tagaytay for a quick bite..
This is nice.. something we used to do when i was a kid. it's been a while since the 4 of us ate out together... just the 4 of us and no one else.. NICE! actually, even at home, it's rare that all of us are complete during meals.. sitting down with the family is just one of the nicest things on earth..
When was the last time you had dinner with your family?


Iskoo said...

i agree, dinning with family is one the nicest things on earth. bihira lang din mangyari sa amin ng ganyan kasi magkakahiwalay na kami ng bansa.

master CHU said...

ako matagal na! boooo!!!!

cruise said...

ang saya naman, sana kami rin one of this days lumabas as family ;)

Nostalgia Manila said...

Great blog you've got here!

Would love to do a link exchange. :)

Keep up the good work!


dessa girl said...

iskoo: naku, sa inyo pala super rare moment pagnagkataon.. hope it happens soon!

masterchu: i miss you! balik na kayo ni tatin!

cruise: you should!

NM: hi NM! thanks for dropping by.. will link you!

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