Tuesday, October 17, 2006

si aling dessagirl, ang super tindera

Last weekend, ako ay nagbawas ng damit at nagbenta. (pahinga muna tayo sa pagdonate ng old clothes kasi i need serious moolah)..

here's a good way to earn extra cash: GARAGE SALE

1. go to your closet and realize this: ay, napaka dami ko nang damit at kuning-kuning sa mundo.. must get rid of these to make room for the new stuff (hehe..)

2. get your own price tag (make sure the color is different from the ones who will be selling as well during the garage sale so you dont mix up your stuff. then, "price tag" ANYTHING you dont need no more! i got to sell figurines from weddings or bdays

3. make a list with codes to make sure all items are accounted for. place the codes in the price tags as well. for example: skirts are coded as sk-01, sk-02.. para organized. matrabaho pero sulit. i used to encode this in excel. pero para tipid sa kuryente, e linista ko at nag calculator nalang ang lola mo...

4. when you are sure that you have everything in place: plastic bags, tables, a clean garage.. make an announcement. flyers and posters in busy streets, bgy halls, etc. really help! btw, when you choose a date, make sure it's during payday. para may pera ang mga customers mo... mala sm three day sale itich. hehe

5. on the day itself, wake up early and start selling! people usually come in as early as 8am! funfunfun!

Take note of the following though:

-you can get bored when there are no customers (thanks my pamankins and cousins.. i wasnt that bored.. hehe)

-when they arrive in groups in tricycles, matataranta ka pag sabay sabay bumili tapos wala ka pang panukli..

-yung mga tatawad ng sobra.. aba, ang mura na nga ng mga paninda ko, kulang nalang hingin nila

-yung mga matanong: "para saan to? umaandar pa to? sayo to? anung baiwang nito?" ayan.. mejo na-stress ako sa mga tanung na yan

By sunday, i got a good amount.. not as large as last time (naka 4k kaya ako nun) pero ok na rin.. happy selling!!!


watson said...

to sell or not to sell my collectible toys... that is the question...

Iskoo said...

cool, mga gamit ko mukhang di ko na pwede ibenta kasi di ako maingat.

mukhang hit ang garage sale mo ah!

dessa girl said...

watson! to sell your collections would be so hard! i couldnt sell my pocketbooks.. yung collection ko na binenta ay mga stati and erasers, and pencils.. pero yung mga pangit lang. hehe.. i still have the real good ones

iskoo!kahit super sirasira na yan, bibilhin nila! believe me! yung dad ko nga may mga butas butas na shorts... naubos! you'll be surprised how your junk turn out to be real useful to others

Shoshana said...

My 9 year old daughter wanted to have a garage sale with all the old clothes and old toys (meaning, they're still like new, but no one's interested in them anymore).

The problem is time. No one has time to sit and wait for anyone to come...so to Goodwill they good at the rate of 4 40-gallon bags a month.

I should give garage sale a try...

cruise said...

thats a good idea, i feel like doing garade sale as well, para may pambili ako ng pamasko sa mga inaanak :) kaso wala kaming garage, hehe joke lang.

dessa girl said...

shoshana: thanks for dropping by.. garage sales are definitely one of the convenient ways to earn some money.

cruise: garage ka na! tapos iblog mo rin.. it's fun

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