Wednesday, October 04, 2006


These are photos i took Friday morning on my way to work. Billboard #1 is beside padi's point las piñas just outside our village along alabang zapote road. yikes... the lightpost looks scary too.
This one fell over an overpass. i think this hit a revo.. couldnt see well. Billboard #2 is in the intersection of coastal and mia road. it was still cloudy in the morning. by noon, the sun was really out.
Billboard#3 fell on top of the edsa magallanes flyover, directly on top of a bus.. only 2 lanes were open that time so traffic was a bit slow that time... i also saw guys in fatigue cleaning the streets. there were plants everywhere. the little trees we had in makati are mostly down. =( sayang. wala nang shade.. it's gona be extra hot again. thank God we had electricity Saturday morning. some cities in cavite and parañaque i thinks still do not have power! yikes!

It's been a while since i experienced such wind and rain.. the last time i think was back in 1998 when i was still in college. our car was half under water but then the Lord is gracious and helped us make it to a gasoline station and pedicab our way home.. this time though, i just stayed at home. reminds me of who we turn when there are "storms" in life. PRAY!PRAY!PRAY!


watson said...

Thanks for sharing these photos. Grabe yung billboard #3!

Wil said...

I can't believe the philippines allows such gigantic hazards (billboards) to be put up. Those billboards will probably kill someone one of these days.

cruise said...

ei, gabe talaga yang pinsala ng milenyo, buti di ka nasaktan at nakaiwas sa mg naglalakihang puno at billboard na bumagsak.

Sidney said...

You should become a journalist !

Niel said...

Dessa, me chismis na babalik raw si Milenyo, e, 180 degrees turn. Para raw mag-sorry.

dessa girl said...

watson: ur welcome. it's a bit late tho

wil: well, we werent expecting such typhoon. i think theyr thinkin of banning these already..

cruise: oo nga eh. kaya dapat sa bahay nalang lahat pag may bagyo!

sidney: hehe.. i like taking pictures! thanks for dropping by..

danieeeel! nabalitaan ko nga, thru text.. nyenyenye..

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