Monday, October 30, 2006

Was sick..

was sick this weekend. went home last friday with a runny nose and soar throat. i was sneezing while in line at the terminal and teary eyed coz of my clogged nose and depression coz no one's picking me up to bring me home... i'm really sensitive when i get sick.. i seek attention but usually keep it to myself.. now, i'm a bit better. just a little cough and colds. loads of decolgen, vitamin c, sleep, water, and a nice purple get-well balloon did the trick! and of course, someone who insisted i stay away from sweets...

1 comment:

Iskoo said...

get well soon! pareho tayo may sakit, pareho din tayo naiisip at nararamdaman kapag may sakit, hehe.

sweet naman nagbigay ng balloons sayo...

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