Wednesday, October 15, 2008

~dessagirl's~ natural highs....

this is a random list. these are little things that make me feel really good about life:

1. i get my favorite spot in a really nice, clean, cool shuttle to and from work!
2. someone gives me a goofy item (whatever it is..) without me asking
3. i read a bible verse and feel that God is talking directly to ME!
4. i see my crush looking at me! (na ayaw ko pa rin aminin hanggang ngayon na crush ko sha..)
5. the wind blows thru my window in our room ~ for me, this means God is telling me He loves me
6. fresh clean sheets! love falling asleep to that clean smell.. zzzz...
7. my little square pillows i had since i was a baby
8. free food!!!!!
9. breakfast buffet.. esp if shared with people who mean a lot to me
10. when it rains right after i get home.. hay salamat..

God is awesome!


watson said...

#4: clue please!!!!
#8: ang calorieeees!!!

dessa girl said...

#4: pag kami na, makikilala mo yun! nyar!

#8: dessagirls' calorie count is currently unavailable.

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