Saturday, January 29, 2005


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this is my favorite tv show ever! i love the way how all their characters and personalities click! i laugh loudest at ross (he's my favorite! i like the way he acts like a kid and i love the way he loves rachel! ) my second favoritest is rachel coz she's all kenkoi and stuff when trying to prove herself. i'm amazed at pheobe and monica! super oc-oc si monica! chandler's ok.. although sometimes he can be real gay. harhar! joey is just.... JOEY! (how you doin?) ---(he's noel's favorite)

i love watching this esp when i'm with noel. sarap tumawa.. sad lang that they have the end it already. hope they bring it back!


fisherpau said...

hello dessa....medyo naunahan mo ko sa pag blog ng Friends...hehehehe...I was planning to do that right after my Ally McBeal blog, then Sex and the City. Hehehehe... kakatawa naman dami mo na! excited mag blog :)

dessa girl said...

super gusto ko pagandahin yung blog ko! harhar! cge, i'll wait for your friends blog. thanks!

watson said...

Hello Dessagirl! May iba ka nang visitors dito ah! Gleng gleng naman! Here are other reruns I wouldn't mind watching:
1. Punky Brewster
2. Moonlighting
3. Cheers
4. Max Headroom
5. V

80s na 80s ba? ehehehe

dessa girl said...

ey mr. watson! yep, i have some visitors na! o-ha! thanks for helping me set up this blog. other re-runs i wanna watch are:
1. perfect strangers
2. mad about you
and syempre
3. rainbow bright!

mejo 80's na rin..

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