Thursday, January 27, 2005

bnb latest

bnb latest
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my high school barkada. aka bnb's (super secret yung meaning).. harhar! these girls have been my friends for over a decade now and we still act like we're 15 when we're together. although our meetings have narrowed down to once every quarter or even twice a year, things don't change. high school is still the best for me.

this pic was actually taken late 2004 over at dyan's place (left most girl in photo). i was so proud of how her life turned out to be and hope to have a family of my own too in the future. lahat kami inggit!

10 years ago, we were talking about who to bring to our prom (ew!) now, here's where we are:

dyan's a mom and still does modeling stuff and makes her jewelries. karen's a mom too and thinking bout getting another degree. ashley's working for an ad agency. jacky's a med student and tin's a headhunter(this i have to update coz i bumped into sher and said she's no longer into that). as for me, i'm into HR for an IT company. i wonder where we'd be in the next 10 years?

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ashley said...

We are so DAMN PRETTY!!! Still looks 15 in our mid-20s :p harharhar! I love my girlfriends too much it makes me cry. see yah around girls! BnB rules!

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