Saturday, January 29, 2005

Christmas gift part1

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Ey! look what i got for Christmas! (duh, mejo late na!) people find it weird but i am absolutely thrilled i got these for Christmas! super cool boxes! dunno why but the shiny shimery effect and super cool colors makes me happy when i look at them. my sister agrees with me!

la lang. share ko lang. there's 18 of them and made by APi's designer. they're from noel (thanks, boo!) and touch ako kasi naalala niya na hinihingi ko yung isa after all their exhibits. malay ko ba na ibibigay pala lahat! wahu! ganda ng boxes ko!


watson said...

boxes as gifts .... you're really different, Dessa. Well they do look nice. Where do you store these? If you visit our house, it's jampacked with toys; I no longer know where to put them!

dessa girl said...

yep yep! they're still all inside the biggest box. like the russian dolls ba yun? i'm planning to clear our room and stack some of them sa floor and the rest on top of my closet! nice anu? la lang.

Princess Em said...

wow naman girl, they are soooo nice...can i have 1? just 1 lang...tell your lovey doovey i love those boxes...

dessa girl said...

hi princess em! super nice no? kaya lang pag binigyan kita, maraming magproprotest kasi ang daming humihingi ng 1..isa lang rin.. haha! thanks, i'll tell him you like them! =)

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