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encounter God retreat

encounter God retreat
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It's been about 10 years since i went on a retreat until June 2004. I was forced to attend this EGR (encounter God retreat) because everyone in our church (Christ's Church International) was attending the said thing. i personally preferred not to go since i've been to lots of retreats and self-help or leadership seminars in the past and they simply have no major impact on me. i mean sure, i learn a lot and cry and stuff. but after that, i dont see any major change in me.

This event however was a great help. Before going on the retreat, i was in state where one can say "my spiritual life is at its lowest". i pray and read the Bible everyday but sometimes, it feels like my prayers are just bouncing off the cieling. even if it was that way for me, i still prayed i believe that even if i don't feel God's presence in my life, it doesn't mean He's not there.

EGR was good for me. it was there where i got to intimately worship God again and found the joy of being a Chirstian. although He constantly reminded me how much i neglected Him in the past, He also showed me that i was blessed with so much.

now, i would personally recommend anyone to give it a try. it's a good way of emptying all the bad in you and finding yourself vulnerable before God with nothing at all but your soul to surrender. i also find myself looking forward to our Sunday worship service instead of treating it as an obligation or tradition.


goldi said...

hi dessa! preho tayo ng feeling. :) may post din akong ganyan, though not really about EGR, but it states na EGR is one of the things that had the biggest impact in my life last year. Ang haba nga eh, kasi sobrang detailed (actually, kulang pa nga sya :))

just wanna let you know that I dropped by your blog. link na kita ha ;)

mine's drop by mine minsan if you have time ha. :)

God bless you sis.

dessa girl said...

hey you! i'm glad we share the same sentiments!(goldi is my batchmate sa egr)cge, i'll visit your blog in a while. God bless you sis~!

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