Sunday, February 20, 2005


Day op
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ey, this is another weird thing that amuses me. people who have catalepsy. yung tipong kagit 2 hrs naka-taas yung paa nila, hindi sila nangangawit. cool no? read on please.

dessagirl disorder 2005-002: CATALEPSY

a physical state in which muscles of the face, body, and limbs take on a condition of suspended animation; trancelike or unresponsive state of consciousness; also called anochlesia; may last for many hours; body position or expression does not alter and limbs remain in whatever position they are placed (


jgotangco said...

strike a pose! kumbaga?

I'm sorry but I'm on Catalepsy mode..hehehhee

dessa girl said...

harharhar! i had a catalepsy-attack when that picture was taken and that pose lasted overnight! bwahaha

fisherpau said...

hmm...whats with the pose frankie? dapat ba ganyan when someone is walking up the stairs... project to the max :)

master CHU said...

alam mo? nakakainis ka na ah! ang daming mali sayo! (ssss....pikon!)

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