Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Tulala Corner

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I wish i had a TULALA CORNER in the office.. a place where people can come together and just stare off into space like we have no deadlines to think about. I imagined this place would have a sofa and dim lights and of course, talking will not be allowed. aaaaaah! i would definitely need a tulala break right now.. (staring at my monitor for 30 seconds.........................)

Ok, i'm back to my cubicle looking like the tsunami happened here.can we propose that? a tulala corner? wachu think?


watson said...

Your tulala corner looks so much like ... your blog. ehehehe. That will indeed be nice, especially for Team Marketing where we do lots of creative work. Sometimes it's difficult to think when you always hear the buzz of the sales team. Perhaps we can share tulala corners instead? Management might not approve of 2 eh.

fisherpau said...

Ahehehe... Very nice choice of colors for a tulala corner :P That's a good idea though, marketing works best sitting in a sofa and thinking without worries and deadline... sige na...shall we start campaigning for that? hehehehehe

dessa girl said...

hi watson and fisherpau! if the management disagrees, we'll just use the sofa sa reception area. ok na dun kahit mejo kitang kita and procastination sa employees. harharhar!

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