Friday, February 11, 2005

Child Abuse

Sleeping thea
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Several weekends ago, i went to tagaytay for a planning session with some of my officemates. That was actually from Thursday to Saturday. Afterwhich, I met up with my cousins (also in Tagaytay) where all of us stayed in one house with my nephews and nieces.

I was really tired so i decided to take a nap in one of the rooms and found a spot beside my sister watchin tv on the matress. I had my back to her when i fell asleep. A few moments later, i felt her moving behind me, which woke me up, so i moved away.

Then i woke up again since she was against me AGAIN and i moved away AGAIN and grunted "tsk, NO!" This happened once more and i found myself almost on the floor already. I was so irritated with her, i shoved her REAL hard. As in tinulak ng sobra, yung parang pikon?!

When i looked behind me, i saw an orange shirt move. That's when i remembered my sister was wearing white.. (teka lang) it turned out it was my niece, Thea!!! Huwaaaa! She transfered to our room and squeezed in between me and my sister!

I felt so bad, i hugged and kisses her so many times. Thank God she didn't feel it.. Kawawa naman my minime. Ang sama ko daw sabi ni rona and melvin.


watson said...

Hi Dessa Girl! Based on the photo, your nice is taking up after you. Is she your apprentice for artisticness? ehehehe. Naka-pose while sleeping.

fisherpau said...

Lagot ka dessa girl...I will forward this blog to DSWD :) hehehehehe... Don't worry, ako rin na child-abuse na si April countless of times :)

dessa girl said...

hi watson! yep, lots of people say she does. pero hindi ako natutulog ng may ganyang karaming poise..

fisherpau!!! please! no!!! i promise i will not shove children anymore.. as for april.. i guess ok lang yun sayo dahil wala kang ka-remorse remorse.. harharhar! just kidding april!

master CHU said...

masama ka naman talaga eh! pikon!

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