Tuesday, February 15, 2005

A sad valentine's day

A sad Valentine's Day.. not just for me, but for thousands of people as well. In my part, i did not spend it with noel (since he's in germany), or with my friends (they all had dates), or with my family (they were at home). After extending a couple of hours at work, i went to the gym in dusit. My usual cardio thing was to go on the cross trainer. since somebody else was using it, i decided to go outside since they have the aero by the pool, thinking that i'd join them instead. and then BOOM! We all heard that sound from outside.

At first i wasn't even curious with what happened even if people from the pool were standing on the flower boxes to check it out. We all thought that it was from the MRT. When i heard the siren, that's when i realized that people were actually hurt from that blast. I called up my family and friends just to check if they were ok..and thank God they were.

I guess these things really happen. It's sad that there are people in this world who do not have the love of the Lord in them, which brings them to such actions. Although i do not personaly know any of the victims, i am greatly affected by this. My suggestion is for people to continuosuly pray for our country. And for chistians to share God' s love boldly and to have the desire to let them know that there is a better life.. a life where things actually make sense and no dork would say they want peace by killing hundreds or even thousands of people.


watson said...

Yes, it is indeed sad.

Their minds are closed to working peacefully with the rest of the community, I guess.

ajay said...

Hi Dessa! My first time to check your blog. I hope you keep on blogging and nice to be in touch with you...:)

fisherpau said...

Yes it is truly sad and devastating to even think of.

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