Sunday, February 13, 2005

HONG KONG Disneyland!

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I am happy to know that this place would open this September 12, 2005! Wahu! Finally, a disneyland not too far from home aaaand... you don't need a visa to get there!

I think we should start saving so we can all go! WAAAAHHHHUUUUU! YEY!


jgotangco said...

Oh, I'm glad I stumbled upon this piece of least now I have an idea how to celebrate my daughter's 4th birthday next year...

master CHU said...

hmph!!! magpapagawa ako ng friendship route papuntang hong kong para pwede na magtaxi papunta jan!!!

fisherpau said...

disneyland...disneyland....Let's all sing together! :)

dessa girl said...

master chu: now na? let's go! i have friendship route sticker on my forehead..

watson said...

yehey! I went to the Disney Park in Anaheim California way back when and I was, like, ecstatic.

And I, like, loved the rides. And I, like, loved buying all sorts of Might Duck memorabilia. So much.

dessa girl said...

ey watson! like, totaly?! nooooo way! ok, like i was there when i was like, a kid! and, it was totally awesome. well, see you there then! TRULY EVER!!!!1

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