Saturday, May 21, 2005

bnb update


my high school friends and i had dinner last friday coz our long lost girl friendwas back: si Ruiza!!
These girls, as i have said in my previous blog, have been my friends for a decade now: (from L-R) Ashley-an ice princess and managing their own ice plant. Ruiza - living in Davao and will be a lawyer by next year (it's hard to believe she lives far away already). Karen-going into nursing school and helping out with their real estate business. Tin - like me, is connected to the I.T. industry. The other 2 didnt make it. Jacky wasnt informed (karen's fault! hehehehe) she's an intern already and would be a doctor soon. Dyan on the other hand, finally landed a job (although i dont understand why she needed one when she was doing well with her accessories thingy) was at the U.S. coz the company sent her there for an assignment.
I miss them so much.. I wish we were still in high school with nothing but our grades to worry about. But then again, i'm really proud of how we all turned out to be. Here's to my best girlfriends during high school!


Princess Em said...

hello dessa girl...where did u finished high school pala? good thing you still have communications with your hi-school friends.

happy birthday ha. u didn't know ;)

watson said...

Hello Dessagirl! Reunions with old friends are always nice. Parang nag-stop ang mundo tapos pag nagkita kayo, magtatanungan about things that happened years ago!

dessa girl said...

princess em: d ko bday ha! sa sept pa. i went to assumption college here in makati. and yup!i'm sooo happy we're still in touch

watson: with my friends, we always talk about hs days. and we act like we are 15 again whenever we're together.

master CHU said...

bakit ganun? ako hindi nako excited makita mga highskul freinds ko...sila myon, paul, dexter...linggo linggo ko sila nakikita. nakakabwiset na nga eh!

dessa girl said...

chu, buti nga ikaw nakikita mo sila every week eh. i bet kunwari ka lang naiinis. love mo sila eh!

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