Thursday, May 26, 2005


2 Saturdays ago, my friend, tin, and i went to Market!Market! for the first time. . The place is huge! and due to limited time, we only visited one wing. i really liked it and plan to go back because of the good bargains, cool stuff you can find, and the food i guess. Sherwin (tin's boyfriend) took pictures of tin and i while we went around. i got 2 cool goofy magnets from this shop that sold all kinds of magnets! super nice addition to my collection.
then we saw this funky shop near the entrance with jollibee and they had funny earrings! would you believe these tile-like thingies were actually selling for around 270? duh!


we also came across this store where we got to try on their wigs! hehe.. check out tin with short brown hair and me in short blue hair or thick black curly hair! harharhar!!


odiba? pang-telenobela ang dating ng curly hair! hahaha! we had fun trying on those wigs! diba ok if you go to a place and nobody knows what you really look like then wear a wig?
they say this place isn't that nice.. but i enjoyed going there. as soon as i have the budget, i'd go back. i looooooooooooveeee bargain hunting! matiyaga ako dun! hehe...


watson said...

wow parang 80s yung earrings, tapos yung wig, pang-koreanovela at japanovela! waaaaaah! Parang ... parang ... parang ... Lovers in Pares!

fisherpau said...


cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

hi dessa!

just dropping by to say thanks for the help during my quest for a CF card. sorry kung kinukulit ko si nick kasi notorious na siya sa amin for forgetting details. hehe :)

master CHU said...

Dude?!! ano nanamang kalokohan yan?! hassle!

MARKET! MARKET! bwahahaha!naalala ko si tatin nung 1st time din namin pumunta dun, sabi niya wala naman daw siya mabili dun kahit maraming binebentang damit. tapos after almost 2 hours dun naka 2000+ siya ng nashopping!

hindi ko talaga maintindihan ang equation na WOMEN + SHOPPING = HEAVEN eh parepareho lang naman yung mga damit na binibili niyo

dessa girl said...

watson and paulnie: i'm thinkin of making the curly hair permanent.--- NOT!

cherry flavored ampalaya: ur welcome. read your latest post and linked you. ang galing mo! i admire your patience

master chu:anu ba paki niyo sa pagshopping namin? maganda naman kami ha? kayo rin nakikinabang nun 'no! duuuuuh!

jgotangco said...

Sa Market! Market! ako nakabili ng Boa...hehehehe

cherry-flavored ampalaya said...

kuripot lang po at kailangan talaga ipagkasya ang natitirang pera. not to mention I needed the CF card first thing in the morning kaya kailangan magtiyaga.

If I were to put you in my links, would you be under bitter barkada or semi-bitter barkada? heehee

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