Friday, May 20, 2005

My Boo Rocks!!!!!

Noel gave me a super cool gift for our anniv: a digicam (CANON A510)!!!!!!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaa! Although it's not until thursday until our day, he gave it to me the other night after watching Episode III (btw, thank you so much to team marketing: watson, master chu, and fisherpau). I usually dislike expensive gifts but i have to admit that i REALLY like this one!

I have always wanted my own digicam.. as in! But then i cant afford one. So when i saw the pricelist of kodak's bodega sale, i called my boo to ask if the digicam worth 12.5K was ok since it's orginally 25K! Although i thought it was weird when he said "no" without hearing the specs, i believed him and got depressed coz i really wanted one before our trip next week. Heeeheee, now i know why he discouraged me to buy it the other day: he was planning to give me one!!! He was also kind enough to give it to me before our trip next week! Sobrang excited ko, i will take pictures of everything i see!! DESSA GIRL = HAPPY GIRL!!!

Thanks so much, boo! MMmmmmwaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Here's one of the pixs i took:


1 comment:

master CHU said...

ang swerte mo naman. kilig to the max!!!! nyahahahahahaha!

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