Monday, May 16, 2005

Why college was worth it...

kath and i

You know those girlfriends you have when you were in college that was really your sidekick in everything you do? Well, i had one of those.. her name's kathy. We were always together that we'd kid around people mistaking us for lesbians. (nyerk).

Kath and i used to do everything together. (i think i already mentioned this in her friendster testi) Anyway, we'd do our thesis together, chased by bats together while doing our "walking exercise", chased our crushes together until the south gate from the college canteen, did our OJT and community service together, etc. Kath and i knew each other's crush when we were in college so we go around school stalking them.. hehe.. imgaine our horror when we found out we were placed in separate classes during our last term in college: huuuwaaat? but then this didn't stop us from being best friends. up until now, we still talk a lot and share our most intimate experiences in life. She turned 26 last Sunday and she invited her relatives and me(with my boo, who is the 1/4 person to my left in the pic) to dinner at NSG.

Nway, i hope all the girls out there would find their best friend.. kasi it's a necessity, especially when you are super down coz of your boyfriend, work, etc. hehe.. God is so good because he gave me friends like kathy and jacky (best friend ko nung high school naman) it's always good to know you have some one who can pray for you during those tough times.


Princess Em said...

mwaahhh, i dont have girl friends when i was in college coz im the only girl in the class. majority of my classmates on my 4 years in school are boys...mwaahhh can't relate on your topic. nevertheless, i'm not lesbiana... hehehe, flirty girlash pa rin ako...

master CHU said...

Ako may best friend ako pero imaginary lang. si Rick Rick! sobrang bait niya tsaka palagi niya ako pinagluluto. hindi ko na kailangan ng friends kasi i'm too cool for it. mga loser lang ang may kailangan ng friend!

dessa girl said...

princess em: don't worry. i would never mistake you for a lesbian. duh? ikaw fa?!!!

master chu: you are so neuorotic.

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